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Everyone is talking about Bonzo Crunch! This is just a sampling of what some of Bonzo Crunch’s many delighted customers have to say:

We really enjoyed the visit. I have so many teachers that want to take the kids to the circus now just b/c of how much the kids enjoyed the visit! They were so sweet and didn’t talk – we couldn’t believe it! It was great. Bonzo did a great job with the kids and really handled our group well.
Posted By: Sarah Carpenter
Library Media Specialist, Morgan Elementary School, Macon, Georgia
He does a fantastic job. We have gotten some great media coverage – the television coverage has proven invaluable. People are asking about the circus everywhere I go because they saw it on the news.

There has been a bump in ticket sales, which I believe is a result of the media coverage we have received from Rik’s performances.
Posted By: Shannon Coombs
Ringling Bros. Promotion
Needless to say, you were a great big hit with the children and adults alike. You were a great asset to our annual NNO event.

You’re a real trooper!
Posted By: Carolyn Thibodaux
SCNA Information/Newsletter Officer
We want to thank you sooo very much for such a fabulous performance at Carly’s birthday! We will spread the word to all our friends about Bonzo Crunch’s clown show.I felt as if I was in the front row at Ringling Brothers Circus. It was so nice to meet you and hope to see you again. Happy trails to you!!!
Posted By: Nancy, Will and Carly Huffman
Thank you so much for your great performance! Your patience with kids was awesome! I just can not say enough how cooperative you were last night in our function… I have received excellent feedback about your entertainment. I will pass your contact information to whoever requests.
Posted By: Anonymous
Rik was wonderful. He played to our crowd so well. I cannot tell you how much fun they had. He stuck around after the performance and talked with folks and took pictures. It really meant a lot to them. He included them in his performance. It was a real highlight for them.

It was an absolutely wonderful evening.
Posted By: Pamela Perry
Assistant Director of Marketing and Development, Sheltered Living, Inc., Topeka, Kansas
Thanks so much for setting us up with Rik, (Bonzo!). We had a great turnout and he was really good with the children. We had so many compliments on his performance after the show… the parents were really impressed. I, of course, loved the fact that he told the kids how great we librarians and our libraries are!!! His display of books was great. He was great about getting the children to quiet down and kept their attention by asking for predictions of what was going to happen!! His clowning was so great…
Posted By: Kay Taylor
Jonesboro, Arkansas Library, Jonesboro, Arkansas
I just wanted let you know how thrilled I was with Bonzo Crunch’s performance at Market Place this afternoon! It was absolutely wonderful, and the kids just loved it Bonzo was the most charming clown I’ve ever met- just great with the kids and the adults! Thank you so much.
Posted By: Nora Dukowitz
Marketing Manager, Market Place Shopping Center, Champaign, Illinois
Everyone is talking about Bonzo—He was absolutely great!!! He is also a very nice person and working with him was a delight!
Posted By: Sally Meyers
Children’s Services Coordinator, Tom Green County Library System, San Angelo, Texas
Magic, music, juggling, comedy, audience participation… Bonzo Crunch is head and shoulders above any performing clown that I’ve seen in Central Texas… that’s why I hire him for every session of The Magic Camp! (Besides that, Rik Gern is great to deal with, demonstrating integrity as well as compassion in his dealing with children).
Posted By: Kent Cummins
Camp Director

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