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Bonzo Crunch shrugging.

Bonzo Crunch is happy to answer your questions!

The list below features some of the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer that you seek, contact Bonzo Crunch and he will answer as quickly as possible!

How long does your show last?
Bonzo Crunch’s comic juggling and magic show lasts a half hour. It can be tailored to run slightly longer or shorter, depending on circumstances. A one hour version is also available.
For libraries, schools and day care centers the longer version can include a reading program, fitness program, “physics of the circus” program, or a fun filled “fashion show” relay race (suitable for ages 5 and up) in addition to the juggling and magic show.
For birthday parties, the one hour version can include either the “fashion show” relay race, balloon sculpture or face painting. If you choose balloon sculpture or face painting I can accommodate up to 20 children in the half hour. If there are more than 20 children we would be looking at more time.
I can also offer an hour and a half for birthday parties. That would include the juggling and magic show plus two of the three activities listed above. (Relay race, balloon sculpture or face painting.)
How long does it take to set up your show?
That depends on the nature of the show.
For libraries, schools and day care centers I arrive at least a half hour before the show in order to set up a backdrop and sound system, and to make sure that the performance space is conducive to a well focused show.
For birthday parties I can start almost immediately upon arrival; if the shows are indoors I have a pop-up backdrop that assembles very quickly. I generally only need enough time to assemble the audience and make sure everyone is comfortable.
For festivals and outdoor roving events I generally arrive ready to go. If I will be on an outdoor stage, a few minutes to set up my microphone might be needed.
Is your show self-contained, or do I need to provide anything?
Most of my shows are self-contained. When I do my “Get Big Ideas: Read A Book” reading program I ask the host to provide a kiddie sized chair for me, as well as a small table for my book display. When I am asked to do face painting I require a table and chairs.
Do you charge extra for materials used in your show?
No. Balloons and face paints are included in my fee. I also provide coloring sheets and bookmarks for most appearances.
What ages is your show appropriate for?
In general, 3 years old to early teens. However, I do a great many birthday parties for one year olds. In those situations I emphasize that the performance is in honor of, not for the one year old.
Are you insured?
Yes. I am covered by Specialty Insurance Agency in New Richmond, WI.