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Bonzo Crunch playing the ukulele.

As a former teacher’s aid at a Montessori school, Rik ("Bonzo Crunch") learned to be sensitive to the needs of the little ones as well as their caregivers. He begins his day care performances on the mellow side, with a fun ukulele introduction. As all the children are brought into the fold, Bonzo Crunch escalates the comedy and allows the children to laugh off excess energy before bringing his show to a calm conclusion, leaving the staff with a group of happy, well-behaved children.

The juggling and magic show that is provided for day care centers can be expanded to include a book reading, a fitness program or, for children over 5, a hilarious fashion show relay race!

FREE UPON REQUEST WITH BOOKING: Receive a customized 8 1/2" x 11" Bonzo Crunch poster file (view samples) to include with your invitations. Just download, print and share with your guests!

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